Anticipating 2027

Improving the wellbeing of the people of Pakistan


Foresight Lab is uniquely positioned as a facilitative platform, where the country’s academia and think tanks collaborate to share knowledge and implement appropriate action plans for a more promising future.

Collaborative Network

Long-term thinking requires the human mind to reflect and unreflect providing key insights that craft risks and opportunities strengthened by relevant research pathways. The domain specialists identify the trends and patterns contextualizing variables that have an overall impact on the big picture. These insights are a gateway into developing a deep sense of understanding of what is and what is ought to be which would have an impact in the policy space.

Lab Reflection

The value of distributed network in knowledge creation using digital means enhances the interaction on foresight research. The Pakistan Foresight Initiative enables the decision-makers to opt for data-driven policy thinking. A process that is inherently collaborative yet heterogeneous in nature; which is equipped to provide an operating environment which is cognizant of the local context. The tool such as the Realtime Delphi empowers the Lab’s network to create and contribute to improving the condition of the people.

Challenge or Opportunity

The next 10 years of Pakistan are:

Infant Mortality

It helps to identify and compare the health level of one country with the other.

Access to Drinking Water

It is the requirement of the people and shows availability to clean drinking water.

Number of Refugees

The number of people displaced/migrated beyond the boundaries due to conflict, war, drought, safety and economic factor.

The question

Do you feel like helping people around you?