Foresight Lab is:

An open, systematic, participatory process that supports research design and formulation of policies with medium to long-term perspective

An element of strategic thinking, which informs policy-making and enables strategic planning and action into implementation

A discourse that creates futures by examining the past trends generating collective insight without prejudicing the autonomy of individuals or organizations participating



Present – Pakistan

Population in 2017 is 207.7 million

2027​ – Pakistan

Population in 2027 is forecasted to be 243 million

Our Mission

We aspire to help the decision makers in improving the state of the people by providing relevant tools and instruments for information creation, knowledge generation, strategic narrative and policy design.


Foresight Lab’s relationships are based on trust, and set to achieve sustainable development. It is our responsibility towards our trusted networks to feel confidence in the work and its transparent nature. We remain evolutionary and open to learning.

What do we mean by trust?

We have a responsibility. We are accountable. With a transparent methodology.

  • Our focus is to help the decision-maker improve the well-being of the people.
  • Trust Quotient, an integral mechanism, is open to the people to put a value on our trustworthiness; this will help us create greater impact.
  • We will share information and knowledge that we generate to be used for either research or analytical purposes.
  • Subjective logic and opinions matter to us; they support our ability to create more informed choices.

Contribute towards our understanding of trust.

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